CARE director presents at seventh annual BeeWeek in Brussels

Dr. Joseph Cazier, professor of computer information systems in the Walker College of Business and director of the Center for Analytics Research and Education (CARE) at Appalachian State University, presented at the seventh annual BeeWeek in Brussels, Belgium.

The primary purpose of BeeWeek is to draw attention to some of the problems that both bees and beekeepers face, and the theme this year focused on how farmers and beekeepers can work together to solve these problems.

"One of the reasons it is important to pay attention to what they are doing for the bees around the world, including Europe, is the diversity of types and approaches to beekeeping that exist in Europe," said Cazier.

He stressed that losing bees anywhere would threaten our global food, physical and economic security. There would be an escalation of conflict globally if we lost a significant supply of our food as a result of the loss of bees.

Research from CARE focuses on Analytics for Good, a practice that uses data analytics, avoids projects that would have a negative impact on society and instead seeking out those that have a positive impact.

Cazier attended various events at BeeWeek and was impressed with many of the discussions that took place. He concentrated on the parts of the conference that were the most relevant in the United States and that could help build a Genius Hive as he outlined in the April 2018 issue of Bee Culture.

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"The problems that bees and beekeepers face today are bigger than any of us," said Cazier. "It will take knowledge, experience, and efforts from all of us to solve them in a satisfactory way."

Cazier emphasized how important it is to focus on the best knowledge and information that can help, rather than where that knowledge came from.

Appalachian provided Cazier with a Board of Trustees International Travel grant that supported his travel to Brussels for this event. His research is supported by Project Apis m. and is aimed to utilize technology to help beekeepers internationally.

Cazier's overall goal is to make progress toward building a Genius Hive and share that progress with the world.

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The Center for Analytics Research and Education (CARE) at Appalachian State University utilizes analytics to promote positive behavioral change in the world and do Analytics for Good. Housed in the Walker College of Business, the center enhances the reputation of the university by seeking out projects that have a positive impact on society and avoiding those that would have a negative impact. Big data is inherently interdisciplinary, and CARE faculty work to further research in the areas of sustainability, education, health and wellness, human resource science, and economic development, among others. Learn more at

CARE director presents at seventh annual BeeWeek in Brussels
Published: Sep 13, 2018 10:46pm