CARE research helps provide rationale for big data hackathon overseas

Research from Appalachian State University's Center for Analytics Research & Education (CARE) helped provide rationale for a Big Data for Bees Hackathon.

According to the event website, to understand the goal of the Big Data for Bees Hackathon, research from CARE director Dr. Joseph Cazier and co-investigator Dr. Walter Haefeker should be considered.

Imagine that we have hundreds of thousands of beekeepers diligently recording, either through human observation or remote sensing, the state of their bees. Let’s further imagine that we can match this data to weather patterns from local weather stations in each area. Let’s again imagine that we can use satellite images to look at the infrared reflective light pattern of plants growing in the area and identify which crops or natural plants are around a hive. Next, let’s assume we can extrapolate likely pesticide use near by, based on all of these factors (or, even better, records of actual use). Finally, let’s imagine what could be done with hundreds of thousands of beekeepers around the world reliably sending primary data to a place that could merge them with secondary data and analyze them.

The hackathon, advertised to data scientists, tech-savvies, creatives and domain experts will be held on the campus of JADS Mariënburg in the Netherlands December 14-15, 2018. 

Big Data for Bees
Published: Dec 12, 2018 4:02pm