Economics professors focus on environmental economics

Dave McEvoy

Todd CherryJohn WhiteheadDavid Dickinson

DEAN'S UPDATE — Members of the Department of Economics' faculty are thought leaders in the field of environmental economics.

Economics professor Dave McEvoy will be a visiting professor in the Department of Public Finance at the University of Innsbruck in Austria next summer. He and his colleagues in Innsbruck will be conducting economic experiments to test the effectiveness of different climate agreement structures, furthering his work on the economics of global environmental problems and international environmental agreements. Todd Cherry recently participated in a panel discussion on energy, economics and climate change in Anchorage Alaska, which was organized in support of the conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic: Cooperation, Innovation, Engagement and Resilience, or GLACIER, August 30-31. Department chair John Whitehead presented research on Estimating Recreation Benefits through Joint Estimation of Revealed and Stated Preference Discrete Choice Data at an academic seminar hosted by Resources for the Future in Washington DC on September 17. David Dickinson, who is on Off Campus Scholarly Assignment (OCSA), is giving lectures on his recently completed grant research on sleep and decision making at the University of Auckland and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand; and the Universities of Sydney, Technology Sydney, and Monash Universities in Australia October 1-14. Pictured from left are McEvoy, Cherry, Whitehead and Dickinson. Share your accomplishments, upcoming activities, and guest speakers with our communications team online (


Drs. McEvoy, Cherry, Whitehead, and Dickinson
Published: Oct 11, 2015 1:00pm