Finance Student Association Travels to NYC

The Finance Student Association of Appalachian State University took their annual trip to New York City October 15-18, 2015.

The trip is designed for finance students to learn about the industry, what jobs in New York city are like, how to transition from school to the working world, how to secure a job, and many other important aspects of a financial career.

FSA group photoIn order to get a broad perspective of the different areas of finance, FSA visited and toured Bank of America, Bloomberg, and Credit Suisse. Each of these offered insight to their respective career fields and gave visiting members an opportunity to ask questions of the employees. Questions ranged from how they got to where they are to why they enjoyed working in the city.

Members of FSA also visited Wall Street to see the New York Stock Exchange. As finance students spend at least a semester learning about the stock market, seeing this interaction live offered them a very holistic learning experience. As a part of this visit, members were also able to watch the CNBC live broadcast, as well as see the CEO of BlackRock ring the closing bell.

Finance student and FSA president Corey Miller states of the experience, "Actually being on the floor of that historic building and seeing it done in action was an incredible learning experience. Standing where such historical events as the crash of 1929 and 1987 took place was a humbling feeling."

During the trip, the organization also toured the American Museum of Finance. This offered a historical perspective to the subject, allowing for a different scene than the day-to-day technical lectures gained in the classroom. Learning where finance comes from gave members insight as to where they would like to see it go in the future.

"New York was a trip of a lifetime, and I will be forever grateful to professor Hobbs, professor Bouboulis, the FSA members and the college of business for an incredible opportunity," states Miller.

FSA group photo
Published: Oct 30, 2015 1:00pm