Five business professors receive Dean's Club funding supplements for new research endeavors

Five Walker College of Business professors have received funding supplements for their new research endeavors.

Todd Cherry, Professor of Economics and Director, Center for Economic Research & Policy Analysis
How Earned vs Windfall Wealth Affects the Willingness to Commit Fraud

John Whitehead, Department of Economics Chair
Ash Morgan, Professor of Economics
Willingness to Pay for Soccer Player Development in the US

Dan Hsu, Professor of Management and Facultly Director, Transportation Insight Center for Entrepreneurship
Business Exits and Reentry: the Regulatory Fit of Serial Entrepreneurship Intentions and A Case Study of a Social Entrepreneur and Fair Trade in the Apparel Industry

Pete Groothius, Professor of Economics
Nepotism in Formula One Racing

The funding is provided by the Walker College's Dean's Club. Learn more about the Dean's Club research grant program, and watch a video about grants received in 2014.

Published: Dec 4, 2015 11:08am