Food Lion executive to speak on sustainable business practices during third annual Business Connections event

Kyle Mitchell

Kyle Mitchell, Vice President of Engineering for Delhaize, the parent company of the Salisbury-based Food Lion, will speak to students at Appalachian on September 30.

The talk will be part of the third annual Business Connections event, which brings industry professionals to Appalachian's Walker College of Business for a one-day professional skills conference.

Students attending the talk will hear how sustainability is being built into Food Lion's systems and processes.

According to its website, Food Lion employees continually look for ways to ensure they operate in a sustainable manner by reducing their carbon footprint, providing healthy food choices and ensuring a safe working and shopping environment for all associates and customers.

Parent company Delhaize's website maintains, "As a global food retailer we offer thousands of products that we source through a complex and interconnected value chain. Our success depends on maintaining the quality of those products and preserving the trust of our customers. Yet our value chain is being affected by global megatrends such as climate change, resource scarcity, food waste, increase in disease, and changes in consumer health needs. We need to understand these trends so we can try to mitigate their impacts on our business, while finding opportunities to prepare for the future and improve the positive impact we have on society and the environment. Doing so is critical to keeping our business strong for years to come, and to achieving our company's vision: "Nutritious, Healthy, Safe, Affordable and Sustainable. Together we deliver the best of Delhaize for life."

The company has outlined a strategy to guide its sustainability approach, aiming to become sustainability leaders in all markets by 2020, through fully committing to building sustainability into our private brand products, reducing waste, promoting healthier living, and employing a diverse group of associates that reflects our values and communities. Read more about the Delhaize approach to sustainable business.

About Business Connections

Walker Business Connections is held each fall at Appalachian State University to prepare Walker College of Business students for the realities of the business world. The event features industry professionals and speaking on current industry issues and trends, professional and career skills and leadership development. The event allows ample opportunity for students to network with industry representatives and potential employers; a career fair is held in conjunction with the conference.

For more information about Mitchell's September 30 talk, please contact Amy Odom, (828) 262-8119 or

Kyle Mitchell
Published: May 12, 2015 11:00am