'"Gnome" place like home' staff event provides Toys for Tots for local community

'Tis the season for... the office holiday party. Sources are saying that employee morale gets a boost from staff recognition efforts (like Appalachian State University's staff shout out program) and from workplace celebrations, which provide a break from regular duties.

So staff members in App State's Walker College of Business recently held such an event themed '"Gnome" Place Like Home for the Holidays"' to celebrate the season and fulfill an additional purpose.

The event was sponsored by the Walker College Dean's Office and coordinated by the Walker Impact Network (WIN), which aims to support staff excellence and aspires to support the college's vision, mission and values and its strategic directions, particularly to enhance community engagement.

While the party featured the typical snacks, games and fellowship with colleagues, WIN members took the party to the next level by creating an opportunity to support the community.

"Our cause this year was Toys for Tots," said Walker College WIN member Mandy Southern. "We asked staff members to pick up one extra toy when shopping, and we collected two full boxes of toys for Toys for Tots!"

Southern added that the Walker Fellows, a student group that serves as ambassadors for the Walker College, also collected Toys for Tots, and they contributed an additional box of toys.

About the Walker Impact Network

The Walker Impact Network (WIN) was established in the spring of 2017 as an initiative to support Appalachian State University's strategic plan; specifically, strategic direction number five which is Preserving Faculty and Staff Excellence. In addition, this network also aspires to reinforce the Walker College of Business vision, mission and values. WIN values each and every member of the Walker College of Business; together we can make an impact.   

Staff members in the Walker College of Business display some of the toys the Walker Impact Network donated
Published: Dec 13, 2022 3:16pm