Graduate Spotlight: Emily Steinkirchner

Emily Steinkirchner is graduating from Appalachian State University with an MBA.

Steinkirchner is an alumna of Delta Zeta Lambda Phi and a member of the American Marketing Association. Her favorite memories include attending football games and interacting with excellence professors. Among her most influential are: 

  • Dr. Neel Das, for being a mentor.
  • Mr. Charles Ciaramita, for teaching the foundations of marketing.
  • Dr. Unal Boya, for inspiring students to be their best.

Steinkirchner co-owns Alley Anne's Boutique and will manage the boutique shop after graduation. Next fall, Steinkirchner will attend law school to prepare for a career in corporate law.

Graduate Spotlight: Emily Steinkirchner
Published: Dec 7, 2021 5:51pm