Green Belt Mitchell Powers offers fellow students advice on Six Sigma Certification

Appalachian State University MBA student Mitchell Powers has earned Green Belt Certification from the Council of Six Sigma Certification. 

The Lean Six Sigma approach to process quality provides organizations with a consistent methodology and common terminology for continuous improvement. It combines best methods today to improve quality, speed, productivity and cost. Appalachian State University’s Walker College of Business instructs students in using these methodologies to solve complex business problems and identify improvement opportunities.

Powers, who is set to graduate May 2021 with concentrations in business analytics and supply chain management, said Supply Chain Management Professor Dinesh Davé was instrumental in his achievement, which he believes will make him stand out to employers and open doors in his career. 

“The Green Belt Certification is an investment in myself and a natural extension of my classroom experience,” said Powers. “Taking Dr. Davé’s course was of the utmost importance in passing the examination.”

Appalachian offers the lean six sigma course as part of the MBA curriculum.

Powers said that students with similar aspirations should consider:

“Go for it," said Powers. "I think [Lean Six Sigma] is critical for success in any industry and organization that you choose!"

Watch a video discussion between Powers and Dr. Davé.


About Six Sigma Certification

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Green Belt Mitchell Powers offers fellow students advice on Six Sigma Certification
Published: Apr 21, 2021 4:38pm