International business awards luncheon recognizes students and faculty for their work to develop a global-mindset

Every year, the Walker College of Business international business awards luncheon serves as a moment to recognize students and faculty members for making a difference throughout Appalachian State University, and beyond.

On November 9, 2018, Meredith Church Pipes, global and civic engagement specialist for the Walker College, presented a fitting introduction to the luncheon by expressing her love for the position that she holds and how it gives her the opportunity to connect with students who have ambitions to truly change the world through business. 

Dean Heather Norris described the event as a "thank you to those individuals who give time and effort toward providing international opportunities for students."

Dr. Kara Dempsey helped jumpstart the occasion with a keynote speech that acknowledged how an individual can truly make a change in the midst of global crisis. The idea of getting out of one's comfort zone was a common theme amongst all of the award recipients. Dr. Dempsey weaved together a narrative that centered around this theme while also discussing the decisions that we face on a daily basis.

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The Walker College builds their international business program around the core concept of having a global mindset. However, the students who take it upon themselves to expand their knowledge-base by going abroad and immersing themselves in another culture continue to set the standard. The faculty who inspire them to raise the bar also deserve recognition.

The following individuals were recognized for their accomplishments in the respective categories: 

Photo Contest Awards:

First Place: Jesse Chen, photograph of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China during a Study Abroad Program
Second – Merton Chen, photograph of Tianjin's "The Eye" Library in Beijing, China during an International Internship
Third – Vanessa Gomez, photograph of the Desert Mountains & Glaciers in Chile during a Semester Abroad

International Business Club Award:

Awarded to Cameron Lauterbach for his leadership and dedication to the AIESEC organization.

Outstanding Senior International Business Major Award:

Awarded to Phong Vu, a student pursuing a double major in International Business and Finance with a minor in Japanese, for her work with International Appalachian, International Friendship Organization (IPals), Wine to Water, and Project Sugar at the National University of Singapore.

Outstanding Senior International Business Minor Award:

Awarded to Jordan Salamido, a student pursuing a Management Major with a double minor in Chinese and International Business, for his mastery of the Chinese language, participation in Holland Fellows, and involvement with the Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Faculty-led Most Valuable Participant Award: 

Awarded to Ryan Chet, a student pursuing a double major in Business Management and Recreation Management with a double minor in Advanced Entrepreneurship and Marketing, for his participation in the 2018 Angers Summer Business Program and ability to engage with the French culture through insightful questions, broadening his global perspective.

Global Citizen Award:

Awarded to Cole Anderson, a student pursuing a double major in International Business and Spanish, for his engagement during his year-long study abroad program at the University of Alicante in Spain; competing at the National Championship Soccer game in Madrid while still honing his language skills in a Marketing class only taught in Spanish.

Outstanding Faculty-led Program Leader Award:

Awarded to Dr. Rachel Shinnar, a professor in the Department of Management, for her outstanding leadership of seven faculty-led programs and serving as a teacher at the University of Angers. Students were floored at her knowledge of Cuba and impressed by her ability to connect the country's history to modern day events.

Inspiring International Leaders Award:

Awarded to Dr. David Marlett, a professor in the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance, for leading a program to Bermuda annually since 2015.  Travel is part of the International Insurance Markets course, a program designed for students to understand Bermuda's role in global risk managem,ent.  His ambition to help students engage pushed him to take students to Lloyds of London to learn about more key players in the world of insurance. Outside of inspiring students as a professor,  Dr. Marlett chairs the Loman Foundation Advisory board which provides financial support to students pursuing a career in the insurance industry.  He also serves on the board for InVEST whose mission is to educate, prepare and attract new talent to the insurance industry. 

It was noted that the event would not have been a success without the help of a talented graduate student, Alex Shaw. Earning his own specific "Alex" award, designed by Church-Pipes to express her gratitude for all of his work.

Thanks to his effort and dependability, the event's presentation slides and other behind the scene details were able to be resolved so that attendants could focus on celebrating those who inspire us to do more locally and internationally.

Nov. 28, 2018
Javon Nathaniel

International business awards luncheon recognizes students and faculty for their work to develop a global-mindset
Published: Nov 28, 2018 11:05am