Lane Memorial Scholarship

Andrew LaneAndrew Lane will not be forgotten. That is the vow to which his friends committed when they began a grass roots effort to establish a scholarship in his memory following his death in 2005.

Andrew Lane loved Appalachian. Originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, he knew as a high school senior that he would attend Appalachian. He was so positive of this fact that his only college application was addressed to Boone, North Carolina.

In the fall of 2002, Andrew's intentions were realized; he came to Boone, entering Appalachian as one of the more than 2000 freshman students.

At Appalachian, Andrew became a stand-out student in the Walker College of Business. Finding his niche in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program, Andrew created strong bonds with his classmates and excelled in his schoolwork. His future looked bright, and he began planning a career in the field of event management and culinary service. He dreamed of becoming a chef and professional caterer.

Andrew's passion for the hospitality industry began at The Golden Apple in Winston-Salem. Andrew began working at The Golden Apple while in high school and continued to work there during his breaks from college. While at Appalachian, Andrew began working for Buddy Fore at Grouse Moor Catering and developed many good friends while working with Buddy.

When Andrew described his career interest to his parents, he talked about his delight at seeing people enjoy food that he had cooked and prepared and he was looking forward to furthering his education in the culinary arts after graduation.

Tragically, Andrew never had the opportunity to fulfill his career goals; he lost his life in a car accident his junior year at Appalachian.

As a special tribute to him, the Andrew Lane Memorial Endowment for Hospitality and Tourism Management was created by Andrew's friends and family. "It was Andrew's friends' idea," said Andrew's mother, Sylvia Oberle. "We thought it was a terrific plan and, with Buddy Fore's help in planning a fund-raising event for our friends in Winston-Salem, we were able to set up the endowment."

"Andrew will not be forgotten," Mrs. Oberle declared. "Now he lives on through the dreams and lives of students attending Appalachian...students who will go on to successful careers in hospitality management; just as Andrew had intended."

Each fall, Lane's parents - his mom Sylvia and her husband, Terry Oberle; and his dad Mike and his wife, Lucy Alexa Lane - have the opportunity to meet the recipient of Andrew's scholarship at the Walker College of Business Scholarship Reception. "We've stayed in touch with many of the scholarship recipients," said Mrs. Oberle. "I'm pleased that we're able to make a difference while honoring Andrew's memory."

Published: Dec 7, 2015 12:00am