LOVE International Event a Huge Success

There was a lot of love for the study abroad program in the Walker College of Business on February 14. Through a joint program between International Programs and the International Business Student Association (IBSA), the LOVE International event provided students the opportunity to learn more about both the upcoming faculty-led programs as well as individual study abroad and internship abroad opportunities. A panel of faculty and previous study/internship abroad participants provided a packed room with information about the application process, what students can expect from being abroad, and what opportunities having such an experience can open up in the future.

LOVE International Event

LOVE International was created to let everyone know that now is the perfect time to start thinking about studying/interning abroad. With so many different locations open for students to travel to, anyone has the opportunity to go somewhere that will not only provide new experiences but also lead to valuable connections and knowledge about different parts of the world.

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 If you missed this event but are interested in traveling abroad to study or intern, contact Meredith Church Pipes at

About the International Business Student Association

The purpose of the International Business Student Association is to expand student knowledge of global business and awareness of international issues and to serve as ambassadors of the Walker College of Business International Programs and International Business within the university community. The club meets every other Wednesday from 6-7:00 pm. Students interested in becoming members can contact club officers at

About Walker College of Business International Programs

The Walker College of Business encourages students to study or intern abroad and provides resources to help students find the right fit with their academic interests. Business faculty lead a variety of short-term international programs designed to develop international business skills and intercultural knowledge. These faculty-led programs have proven to be invaluable for many students. Scholarships are available. Fluency in a second language is not required and students can earn credit toward their degree. For more information, visit

LOVE International Event
Published: Feb 19, 2018 12:49pm