Management degree, finance degree programs featured on University HQ's 'best, most affordable' lists


Appalachian State University is one of the 100 Best Affordable Business Management Degree Programs, and one of the 100 Most Affordable Finance Programs, according to University HQ.

Appalachian is ranked #69 on the management programs list, and #35 on the finance programs list.

The universities included were ranked using a variety of factors, including retention and graduation rates, cost of tuition, graduating salary, and number of programs offered, among others. Learn more about the ranking methodology at

According to the ranking program: 

It's hard to beat Appalachian State University. The campus is located in the heart of the North Carolina Appalachian Mountain range where beautiful vistas and outdoor adventures abound all year. Then there's the academics, which are stellar. App State offers undergraduates a choice of over 150 bachelor's degrees in areas such as the arts, business, science, engineering, healthcare, and technology. Every student should be able to find something to fuel their passion.

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The ranking site utilized data from a combination of institutional data sources, including the National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard, among others.

University HQ also ranked Appalachian in top criminal justice colleges and most affordable computer science programs.

About the management degree at Appalachian

Appalachian's  Department of Management offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to prepare students for a variety of managerial responsibilities in today's dynamic environment. The student who is studying management will acquire relevant knowledge and skills necessary for success in a variety of small, medium and large organizations. Learn more at

About the finance degree at Appalachian

Appalachian's Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance develops leaders for the business, government and educational communities and to assist them in making contributions to society. Learn more at

Management degree, finance degree programs featured on University HQ's 'best, most affordable' lists
Published: May 27, 2021 11:10am