Marketing professor offers expert advice on Capital One credit cards

WalletHub recently posted an article about Capital One credit cards and cited expert advice from Appalachian State University Associate Professor Neel Das.

Das is an associate professor in the Department of Marketing in Appalachian's Walker College of Business.

According to the post, the credit card industry has a lot of major players who all seek to obtain customers from the same target markets. As a result of this similar customer-base, credit card companies find ways to differentiate themselves to become more appealing to customers.

In my opinion, when Capital One does not charge foreign transaction fees on any of their cards and yet tout that as a benefit it may be assumed that this particular feature is currently a point of parity (and not a point of difference)." said Das. "If Capital One did not have this feature then less people would be attracted towards their offerings since that is a bare minimum that essentially defines what any credit card should offer."

Das stressed the importance of watching trends, especially when considering how to maximize traveling miles.

"Of late, airlines have changed their rules and policies considerably in terms of redeeming miles. Additionally, it takes a significantly longer time to accumulate points to get a free flight. Immediate gratification is a powerful force that cannot be easily controlled and hence working towards a long-term plan of accumulating (and subsequently redeeming) miles is less feasible."

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Neel Das
Published: Nov 8, 2018 9:14am