Marketing student announces second annual Positive Post It Day at Appalachian

**UPDATE** Positive Post It Day rescheduled for Monday, February 22.

Samantha Bender Appalachian State University Positive Post It Day

College students are more than a number at Appalachian State University. Chancellor Sheri Everts noted in January 2016 message that there will be a continued focus on wellness, health and safety for our campus community. The individuals that make up the community set Appalachian apart. Junior marketing major Samantha Bender believes in the well-being of individuals whole heartedly.

Bender has announced that the second annual Positive Post-It Day (PPID), a day where the Appalachian community is encouraged to "speak up" to encourage and inspire others through the simplest of notes, will take place *Monday, February 22, 2016.

"As a marketing major, I want to market something that I think can change the world," said Bender. "I am a firm believer that there is nothing more powerful than that of a good mindset." Bender explains that university students, like all individuals, experience various states of mind at any given time. Some are dealing with family members that have recently passed, some have just failed a test, some did horribly in an interview, and some are experiencing difficult private situations.

"Last year I was contacted by numerous students telling me that PPID was exactly what they needed," said Bender.  She encourages the students who happen across the positive notes to "please believe what they say. You are worth something. You are worth everything!" Bender added that every student who writes a note this February 15 is guaranteed to have a strong impact on others.

In addition to caring for her fellow man, Bender attributes her inspiration for PPID to her experiences in Women of Walker of Walker, an organization run by the BB&T Student Leadership Center in the College of Business, which encouraged her last year to take her ideas and put them into action.

WNC TV News Appalachian State University Positive Post It DayBB&T Student Leadership Center Assistant Director Amy Odom and Executive Assistant to the Chancellor Debbie Covington were especially instrumental in encouraging Bender to pursue her goals.

"Appalachian is a special place; it is a family," said Bender. "We strive to help each other." The event originated in 2015 to honor and memorialize students who were loved and lost on campus. Thousands of students participated by writing notes for others.

"What could be more beautiful in its own simplicity than a note with a positive message," said Bender. "Maybe 10,000 positive messages posted around Appalachian State's campus!"

On February 15, community members can find information and blank notes at Crossroads, Wired Scholar, Trivette and Roess Dining Hall. For more information, Visit Facebook, or email Samantha Bender.

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Positive Post It Day
Published: Feb 22, 2016 12:41pm