Peer mentoring program holds first group meeting after selections

Twenty-eight upper-class business students have been paired with 44 undergraduate students, composing the 2016-17 Walker College of Business peer mentor program.

The program, coordinated by the Walker Fellows, aims to provide early engagement opportunities to undergraduate business students at Appalachian State University through one-on-one peer mentoring. The program also provides large group forums for participants to become familiar with leadership and professional development resources in the Walker College. The first large group meeting of the semester was held September 22 in the Plemmons Student Union on Appalachian's campus. View photos from the event.

Each pair meets at least four times throughout the semester to build a relationship that motivates, empowers, informs, and encourages the mentee. Program participants also participate in social and service events to further build connections between undergraduates, as well as serve the local community.

"The mentees are an impressive group," said International Business Senior Reena Patel, a Walker Fellow and Peer Mentor co-Chair. "The participants who attended last week were selected from many applicants and show great potential as campus leaders." 

Patel, along with Walker Fellows Andrew Carros and Maheder Yohannes, leads the peer mentoring program.

"With regards to making decisions on mentee/mentor pairings, we reviewed applications and made our best decisions based on majors, hobbies, and interests that intertwine," said Yohannes. "We have received feedback from many mentors as well as mentees expressing their excitement about their pairings."

Walker Fellows and the Peer Mentor Program are initiatives of the BB&T Student Leadership Center, housed in the Walker College of Business.

"The co-chairs have taken the program to a new level this year," said BB&T Student Leadership Center Executive Director and Walker Fellows co-advisor Michelle Boisclair. "This program is a great introduction to the Walker College of Business for new students."

About the Walker Fellows

The Walker Fellows are the student ambassadorial group of the Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University. Members help create the positive impact the business college has on individuals and the campus community. Members liaise with the administration of the Walker College to enhance the student experience and promote opportunities for academic and professional growth. Learn more about the Walker Fellows

Peer mentoring program holds first group meeting after selections
Published: Oct 5, 2016 10:54am