Research from management professor one of four sustainability-themed projects funded as part of Innovation Scholars Program

According to a recent post from Appalachian State University, research from Associate Professor of Management Rajat Panwar is one of four sustainability-themed projects that will be funded as part of the Appalachian Innovation Scholars Program.

Panwar joined the faculty in Appalachian's Walker College of Business in 2016.

Panwar's project seeks to offer entrepreneurial solutions to forest conservation. Specifically, the project will focus on biodiversity banking which is a market-based solution to halt deforestation and biodiversity loss. Also known as mitigation banking, it allows landowners to generate "biodiversity credits" by enhancing and protecting biodiversity values on their land. But, Panwar states, banking firms seem to be taking a reactive approach instead of proactively creating demand for biodiversity credits. He argues that "biodiversity banks are lacking entrepreneurialism that could greatly expand the market for biodiversity credits market." His project seeks to examine why, with an aim to offer recommendations to foster change.

The other scholars are Kevin Gamble, Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment; Dr. Steve Seagle, Department of Biology; and Dr. Chishimba "Nathan" Mowa, Department of Biology. Read the full article.

About Sustainable Business at Appalachian

Appalachian’s Walker College of Business is committed to advancing sustainable business practices that promote responsible management of economic, social and natural resources. The theory and practice of sustainable business recognizes that the economy, environment and society (the triple bottom line) are interconnected and interdependent, and strives to enhance the business model so that it can flourish and thrive to benefit future generations. The college offers a sustainable business minor available to business and non-business majors, a bachelor’s degree in environmental economics and policy, and an MBA concentration in sustainable business. The programs focus on student engagement, research and community involvement.

Appalachian State University Associate Professor of Management Rajat Panwar
Published: May 9, 2017 12:06am