Six named 'excel'lent in first intra-college Excel competition

Six Walker College of Business students have won the Microsoft Excel Collegiate Challenge (MECC) at Appalachian State University, earning cash prizes for their performance.

There were first, second and third place winners from each of two MECC intra-college competitions, held online April 25 and April 27.

The first place winners are Elcie Blackman and Tori Humler; they each earned a $300 cash prize. Avery Clark and Macie Wilson earned second place and $200 each, and Jack Beatson and Ashley Meacham captured third place and $100 each.

The competition challenged participants to complete a series of Excel tasks of increasing levels of difficulty within a short span of 30 minutes.

"It was fun, I accomplished my goal of getting through the first three levels and it paid off," said Humler, a graduate student in the Applied Data Analytics program.

The primary goal of the competitions is to build Excel skills, which will help soon-to-be graduates handle data and make informed decisions for their future organizations.

"I had a great time applying my skills in Excel to the competition and learned plenty of new formulas along the way,” said Blackman, a computer information systems major.

Beatson, a management major, just began using Excel, but has “discovered its immense potential,” and Meacham, an accounting / finance and banking double major, said the competition helped her grow in several ways. "Participating in the Excel competition was a fun challenge that allowed me to stretch my skills and practice time utilization,” said Meacham. “Engaging in an event like this was an exciting way to realize what I'm capable of, as well as learn areas of improvement to focus on moving forward.”

The mission of the Microsoft Excel Collegiate Challenge is to supplement college curriculums by providing engaging and gamified Excel training that helps better prepare students for their careers. Learn more about MECC online,

The Walker College Dean’s Office sponsored the competition and funded the cash prizes for the top performing students. The competition was coordinated by the college's Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance.

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From top left, clockwise, are: First Place Winners Elcie Blackman and Tori Humler, Second Place Winners Avery Clark and Macie Wilson, and Third Place Winners Ashley Meacham and Jack Beatson.
Published: May 8, 2024 1:22pm