'Smart Hive' technology featured on Project Apis M. blog

Applied research from Appalachian State University's Center for Analytics Research and Education (CARE) is featured in a September 28 blog post from Project Apis M.

The post, entitled Bee In The Know: 'Smart Hive' Technology For Beekeepers, highlights the research surrounding the development of tools for beekeepers that can help them conduct their own investigations and research and improve management practices through better and more accurate data collection.

Recognizing the lack of measured data in commercial beekeeping operations and a potential for management technology to enable bigger field trials, Dr. Brandon Hopkins at the Department of Entomology at Washington State University has been investigating and developing management technologies for beekeepers....Dr. Hopkins' work on this project is still in development. He is also working in collaboration with another HH2020 funded research project, led by Dr. Joseph Cazier at Appalachian State University; "Electronic Data Collection and Sensor Integration for Data Aggregation, Best Management Practices Data Mining and Smart Hive Development"

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Bee In The Know: 'Smart Hive' Technology For Beekeepers
Published: Oct 6, 2018 11:06pm