Supply chain management program to transition to Department of Marketing

BOONE, N.C. — Effective Fall 2019, Appalachian State University's supply chain management degree program will transition from the Department of Computer Information Systems and Supply Chain Management to the Department of Marketing; the resulting department names will be: the Department of Computer Information Systems and the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

The move is a reflection of global trends in both industry and business education.

"The restructuring will benefit our students, better meet the needs of industry, and allow for growth in targeted programmatic areas," said Walker College of Business Dean Heather Norris. "Our marketing and supply chain students will better learn the key relationships between supply chain and customers, and our information systems students to better learn business analytics."

Norris added that as data and information are becoming increasingly critical to effective business, new curricular combinations of functional and technical knowledge position graduates as leaders in global, data-driven enterprises. "Our faculty members are poised to grow innovative program content that will prepare our students for jobs of the future."

Both departments are part of the Walker College of Business, and students earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a major in supply chain management should experience little-to-no disruption, as all students who have declared a major in business receive support services from the business academic advising center and business career services in Peacock Hall, regardless of discipline.

Graduate Programs and Research Associate Dean Sandy Vannoy will serve as interim chair of the Department of Computer Information Systems, and Dr. Jim Stoddard will chair the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Dr. Tim Forsyth, a professor of accounting in the Walker College, will serve as acting director for the MBA program while Dr. Vannoy is interim department chair. Dr. Dinesh Davé is director of the supply chain management program.

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Supply chain management program to transition to Department of Marketing
Published: Jun 14, 2019 4:37pm