Two Walker College faculty members to receive Graduate Research Assistant Mentoring Program (GRAM) funding

Two faculty members in the Walker College of Business have been awarded Graduate Research Assistant Mentoring Program (GRAM) funding for 2022-2024.

The Walker College recipients are computer information systems assistant professor Wei Xie and accounting professor Tammy Kowalczyk. Dr. Kowalczyk’s award will be shared with co-applicant Tatyana Ruseva, an associate professor of political science.

The GRAM award provides $14,000 in funding for each of two years (total $28,000) for these faculty members to use to hire a dedicated graduate assistant for 20 hours per week. This is in addition to any other assistantship funding the program may receive. 

The GRAM funding is coordinated by Appalachian State University’s Cratis D. Williams School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Tammy Kowalczyk


Dr. Tammy Kowalczyk, a professor of accounting, teaches sustainability accounting and sustainable business in the Walker College. Her research interests are sustainability accounting and reporting, climate resilience, forest carbon programs, and social impacts of sustainability. Co-awardee Tatyana Ruseva’s expertise is in environmental policy, public policy, institutions and governance and research methods.

Their project is entitled Social and Economic Impacts of Forest Carbon Markets in the Eastern US.

Dr. Wei Xie


Wei Xie is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Information Systems. Xie’s research interests include cybersecurity, organizational and societal issues of Information Systems, decision-making; digital innovation; behavioral finance, healthcare intervention, and global IT. 

Her project is entitled Managing Information Security in Remote Work Environments: A Mixed- Methods Study.

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Two Walker College faculty members to receive Graduate Research Assistant Mentoring Program (GRAM) funding
Published: Mar 2, 2022 11:38am