Video highlights the importance of hands-on entrepreneurship training at Appalachian

The Transportation Insight Center for Entrepreneurship supports the objectives of Appalachian State and the entire University of North Carolina system. Entrepreneurship is a crucial tool for economic development, especially in Western North Carolina, where many traditional industries have declined in recent years. The future economic development of Western North Carolina is critically related to the region's ability to grow from within.

"Our goal is to help students take ideas out of their head and make it real," explained Erich Schlenker, Managing Director of the center.

Hear more from Schlenker, and from student entrepreneurs at Appalachian, in the video, which was produced by Appalachian Communications Junior Kaitlin Wright.



Created in 2006 to support a rapidly increasing group of student entrepreneurs, the Center for Entrepreneurship at Appalachian State University helps students and alumni launch successful businesses, enhance their future prospects, and the region’s economy.

In 2011, the Center was named for Transportation Insight, a nationally recognized entrepreneurial company specializing in supply chain management, following a $1 million gift that enabled the Center’s renovation in 2018 Peacock Hall.

As the Transportation Insight Center for Entrepreneurship is privately funded, the generosity of private donors is essential for the continued growth and nourishment of our program. Contributions of any size are greatly appreciated, and multi-year pledges help to sustain and develop programs.

To learn more about the Transportation Insight Center for Entrepreneurship or to get involved, go to their website.

screenshot of vimeo video on the Center for Entrepreneurship
Published: Dec 1, 2015 3:51pm