Walker College Dean's Office earns App State sustainability certification

The Walker College of Business' Office of the Dean has completed Appalachian State University's Green Workplace Certification and has been certified at the highest level, Grandfather Mountain.

The program, coordinated by App State's Office of Sustainability, recognizes campus workspaces that have taken extra steps to ensure they are contributing to App State's sustainability goals.

Certification is contingent on completing all prerequisites and the questions in each of eight categories — Energy & Water, Food & Events, Health & Wellness, Purchasing, Service & Community Engagement, Social Justice, Transportation and Zero Waste.

The certification levels are:

  • Rocky Knob - 50-70.
  • Howard's Knob - 70-140.
  • Elk Knob - 140-210.
  • Grandfather Mountain - 210+. 

The Walker College Dean's Office scored 227, an improvement of 30 points over their previous certification at the Elk Knob level.

The Walker College has pursued the green workplace certification in its six academic departments, as well as the dean's office. The certification is voluntary and lasts for three years, although the certification may be re-taken as often as desired.

Walker College of Business Facilities Coordinator Sabrina Cheves serves as the Walker College's Dean's Office sustainability liaison.

For more information on the certification process, visit University Sustainability.

Sustain YOSEF Certification Levels
Published: Dec 6, 2023 1:34pm