Walker College professors earn grant funding from Dean's Club

The Walker College of Business Dean's Club has awarded innovation grants to 19  tenured and tenure track business faculty members at Appalachian State University for the academic year 2020-21. The grants are awarded annually to assist faculty in the Walker College conducting research and help cover research expenses in increments of $1,000. Recipients participate in a Dean's Club Grant Recipient Poster Session. The date of the 2021 poster session has not yet been announced.

The winning faculty members, their home departments and their research studies are listed below.

Learn more about faculty research grants at business.appstate.edu/research

ProfessorDepartmentResearch Proposal
Scot JusticeAccountingBoard Composition and Effectiveness Impact on the Internal Control Environment of Charter Schools
Charlie Chen, Lakshmi IyerComputer Information SystemsExamining the Differences in Managing Business Analytics Projects vs Traditional Information Technology Projects: A Qualitative Study
Jung Hwan KimComputer Information SystemsA Dual Process Model of Consumer Informedness by Information Transparency
Jason XiongComputer Information SystemsTrust, Consensus, and Emergence of Cryptocurrency under COVID-19
David DickinsonEconomicsDeliberation, Emotion, and Information Impacts on Political Views
Tanga Mohr, John WhiteheadEconomicsAn External Validity Test of Inferred and Stated Attribute Non-Attendance Models
Abhijit RamalingamEconomicsAbsolute vs. relative poverty: Is there a Case for a 'Big Push" Response to Inequity?
Abhijit RamalingamEconomicsAbsolute vs. Relative Poverty: An online experiment with a representative population
Jayjit Roy, John WhiteheadEconomicsCitizen Preferences for Trade Barriers
Brock StoddardEconomicsIndividualism, Collectivism, and Strategy in Indefinitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemmas
Brock Stoddard, Abhi RamalingamEconomicsCooperation & the House-Money Effect
John WhiteheadEconomicsEstimating the Economic Value of the Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary
Brian WhitakerManagementRefining the Appreciative Intelligence Construct & Assessment
Jacqueline Tilton, William NorthingtonManagement/MarketingIn or Out: Understanding Inclusion & Exclusion Experiences
Pia AlbinssonMarketingPlanned Power Outages and Consumer Vulnerability in Rural Areas
Christy Cook, Pia Albinsson, Jim StoddardMarketingProsocial Behavior and Consumer Behavior in the face of COVID-19
Bonnie GuyMarketingThe Impact of Social Styles on Effective Adaptation to a Virtual Selling Environment
Lubna NafeesMarketingA Temporal Perspective of Food Waste Reduction Behavior
Steven LeonSupply Chain ManagementBring Your Own Device: Are Airline Passengers Ready
Steven LeonSupply Chain ManagementCOVID-19 Influence on the Management of Future Supply Chains
Steven LeonSupply Chain ManagementCOVID-19 Impact on Consumer Willingness to Accept Deliveries by Drones

About Faculty Research in the Walker College of Business

Walker College of Business faculty produce and disseminate extensive research through both academic and professional communities. In the last five years, faculty members have published approximately 400 peer-reviewed academic journal articles, 130 conference proceedings and made more than 400 conference and professional presentations in 170 different venues. In total, the faculty has produced more than 700 individual intellectual contributions in basic discovery research, more than 400 contributions in applied or integrative research and 240 contributions in teaching and learning research. For more information, visit business.appstate.edu/faculty/research.

About the Dean's Club

The Walker College Dean's Club is an annual giving society designed to benefit our students and faculty while enhancing our academic programs. Contributions from Dean's Club members provide unrestricted support each year for critical needs in the college such as: student scholarships, travel funds for faculty and students to attend course-related conferences and/or visits to corporations, seed money for new programs or opportunities within the college, and resources to bring guest lecturers, such as leaders in business and government, to the classroom. Become a member, or learn more online, business.appstate.edu/give.

Walker College professors earn grant funding from Dean's Club
Published: Feb 8, 2021 3:23pm