Walker College staff members earn "shout out" for service during Summer 2021

Members of the Walker College of Business staff have earned a Staff Senate Staff Shout Out for exemplary service in their work during the third quarter (July-September) of the calendar year 2021. Among those honored are:

  • Marketing Administrator Ashley Carver, who is praised for her "sensible and professional collection of and distribution of critical COVID information to faculty and staff."

  • Communications Director Haley Childers, who is "a true team player. She hops right in the trenches and helps out as quickly as she can."

  • Business Career Services Assistant Director Jackie Garner, who is "the embodiment of staff excellence. She works hard, she works smart, and everything she does she does with others' wellbeing at heart."

  • Business Manager and Executive Assistant Linda Meznar, who is "kind, compassionate, smart, dedicated, creative, tireless and brave."

  • Academic advisor Charity Miller, who has "gone above and beyond to help our international students, even when the tasks she performed were not necessarily part of her everyday workload."

  • Advising Records Specialist Mitchell Roberts, who has "been a positive influence, contributing his smile, kindness and skills to make every day a good one, no matter what level of stress might be involved."

  • Brantley Risk & Insurance Center Assistant Director Lacy Schmidt, who "is always ready to help with any problem."

Read more about shout out recipients from the Walker College of Business and other staff news online, business.appstate.edu/news/staff.

About the Shout Out Program

The shout outs are an informal recognition program to encourage positive morale and staff engagement.

The program is one of several ways Appalachian State University's Staff Senate Recognition Committee works to create a positive work environment, improve employee engagement and encourage an environment of support and appreciation.

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Walker College staff members earn
Published: Nov 1, 2021 10:09am