Walker Fellows help move in business exploration residential learning community

Freshmen participating in the 2017-18 business exploration residential learning community (RLC), a group brought together because of one shared interest -- learning about and majoring in business at Appalachian, are now on campus.

Members of the Walker Fellows, the student ambassadorial group of the Walker College of Business, helped the students move in their belongings August 16, 2017.

The business exploration RLC is led by Marketing Professor Barbara Rule and Brantley Risk & Insurance Associate Director Greg Langdon, who also helped move-in the students. Rule and Langdon, along with Walker Fellows President Kelsey Grundner, and Walker Fellows Kristen Coughlin, Alia Dahlin, Rachel Foutz, Avery Fink and Mason Garwood were on hand to make welcome the new students.

Research shows that students who participate in a residential learning community have higher GPAs and enjoy better college experiences. One of the best ways to develop strong friendships and succeed in college is to join a residential learning community. In addition to developing connections with faculty, staff and fellow students, business RLC members explore diversity of perspective, sustainable business practices and ethical global citizenship in business. The students will still participate in a semester long research project related to these elements in business. Learn more about RLCs at Appalachian online, housing.appstate.edu/rlc.

The Walker Fellows and the individuals who comprise the group help create the positive impact the Walker College has on Appalachian’s students and community.  Learn more about the Walker Fellows.

 Barbara Rule, Emily Young, Kelsey Grunder, Kristen Coughlin, Alia Dahlin, Greg Langdon
Published: Aug 17, 2017 10:42pm