Brandy Crump '22: My financial burden is reduced, and now my sleepless nights will never go to waste

Brandy Crump is a senior from Charlotte, graduating in May 2022,  and is a double major in Finance & Banking and Risk Management & Insurance. She serves as Equity Analyst and Update Editor for the Bowden Investment Group and as Treasurer of  the First Generation Students Association. Brandy is also a member of  Gamma Iota Sigma and Beta Gamma Sigma, and has been an Appalachian Resident Assistant on campus since 2019.

“From my freshman year of college to my now final semester on campus, I have strived to succeed.  I am so incredibly lucky to even be attending a four-year university, so I never want to take my time here for granted.

As I grew up, I saw just how much a life could be impacted by financial concerns and risk. My senior year of high  school, I became homeless for a short period of time and  had to quickly find ways to support myself and continue my education. It was vital that I understood my financial  situation and could educate myself on how to continue  moving forward.

These past experiences have enabled me to understand  that every financial situation is different and, no matter what, there is always something that I can do.

This is why I have chosen to seek a career in financial services or risk management in order to help others succeed. My previous financial situation has made me sympathetic toward others,  and I never want to take my life for granted. My family and I have worked hard to keep me here, and I will never let all of my sleepless nights go to waste.

I am very honored to have been selected as the recipient of  this scholarship. It has greatly reduced my own financial burden and has brought me closer to my goals.” 

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Dean’s Club Scholar Spotlight: Brandy Crump
Published: Dec 15, 2021 12:00am