CARE director to present on big data and technologies related to bees during international conference

Dr. Joseph Cazier, director of the Center for Analytics Research and Education (CARE) at Appalachian State University traveled to Brussels to speak on big data and technologies related to bees and beekeeping during international BeeWeek.

The international conference, this year themed How is the agricultural community mobilised to protect Bees, takes place June 26-28.

Live Stream

His talk will be livestreamed online,

Cazier's talk will focus on the importance of technology, data collection, analytics and smart hive development. He will present alongside Dr. Bach Kim Nguyen, University of Liège.

"BeeWeek is an opportunity to discuss coming innovations with legislators, regulators and scientific advisors," said Cazier. "We depend on bees for pollination of much of our food supply and the technological advances being discussed will help protect the bee populations."

Cazier, a professor in the Walker College of Business' Department of Computer Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, has a keen interest in using analytics to build a better world, especially in the areas of education and sustainability. Through CARE and as Chief Analytics Officer for Blowing Rock Software and their HiveTracks brand, he leads analytics efforts to improve the survival of bees and their use in agriculture.

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Cazier will propose policies to representatives of the European Parliament that could help save the bees, particularly as they relate to big data and analytics.

About BeeWeek

Since 2012, the European Bee and Pollination Week is held every year in the European Parliament in Brussels. This meeting has become a must-attend event and brings together all stakeholders in the sector: European Members of Parliament, representatives of the EU institutions, beekeepers, farmers, scientists, veterinarians, manufacturers, NGOs and citizens. Together, they exchange proposals with public authorities to promote a sustainable beekeeping chain capable of ensuring the sustainability of the valuable service of pollination and its consequences: ecosystem services, biodiversity, production and food security. Learn more at

About the Center for Analytics Research and Education (CARE)

The Center for Analytics Research and Education (CARE) at Appalachian State University utilizes analytics to promote positive behavioral change in the world and do Analytics for Good. Housed in the Walker College of Business, the center enhances the reputation of the university by seeking out projects that have a positive impact on society and avoiding those that would have a negative impact. Big data is inherently interdisciplinary, and CARE faculty work to further research in the areas of sustainability, education, health and wellness, human resource science, and economic development, among others. Learn more at

Joseph Cazier, BeeWeek
Published: Jun 14, 2018 12:11pm