Free coffee during 'Beans from the Dean' exam days

Beans 2 Brew is a unique partnership between student entrepreneurs at Appalachian State University and Walker College of Business clubs. Each group contributes its specific business know-how, creating a model that has proven successful with profits benefiting the participating organizations.

To support students during finals, Walker College Dean Sandra Vannoy and the Walker College Dean’s Club is partnering with Beans 2 Brew to offer Beans from the Dean: free hot beverages on final exam days. Stop by Beans 2 Brew in Peacock Hall before noon for a free cup of coffee, hot cocoa or tea. 

Fall 2022 Beans from the Dean dates

Thursday, December 8
Friday, December 9
Monday, December 12
Tuesday, December 13
Wednesday, December 14

The beverages are funded by the Walker College Dean’s Club, the annual giving society that provides unrestricted support for critical needs in the college, including student scholarships, travel funds for faculty and students to attend conferences or visit corporations, and seed money for new programs in the college.

About Beans 2 Brew

Beans 2 Brew provides all business majors the opportunity to be involved in a real business. The idea was first conceived and put to action by a group of students from the Association of Entrepreneurs (ASE). Over the years, the coffee shop has grown from a mere table by the stairwell door to a flourishing business with a permanent stand and mini kitchen. In 2016, Beans 2 Brew expanded its horizons by incorporating clubs beyond ASE, including but not limited to the Supply Chain Management Club, Economics Club, and the American Marketing Association. In addition to staffing the coffee shop during business hours, all the clubs involved specialize in their particular field to contribute to the growth of Beans 2 Brew.

Free coffee during 'Beans from the Dean' exam days
Published: Dec 3, 2022 10:11pm