Interactive dashboard in Peacock Hall offers insight on energy consumption

An interactive screen in Peacock Hall enables those who work and learn in the building to gain insights about energy consumption.

The touch-screen dashboard, located on the second floor in the Broyhill Commons, provides 24/7 access to view real-time water and electricity data in Peacock Hall.

The information is available thanks in part to a student-faculty research project aimed at better understanding how technology can help solve social problems.

Daniel Emery, Cameron Barnett and Kiefer Smith were assigned the project as a practicum to conceptualize the energy and water consumption data for Peacock Hall, using real time data from meters on the building's solar array.

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Dr. Lakshmi Iyer, information systems professor and director of the Walker College's graduate applied analytics program, supervised the capstone project that resulted in the creation of the dashboard.

"Findings from the research will allow us to know the specific impact of the dashboard and other interventions on energy consumption behavior in Peacock Hall," said Iyer.

Iyer is now engaged in further research, "Do we have the 'Power' to Change? A Longitudinal Investigation of Technological Intervention on Energy Consumption Behavior," which is funded by a Walker College's Dean's Research grant. 

From campus networks, the dashboard can also be accessed online at

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Photo of Energy Dashboard in Peacock Hall
Published: Apr 30, 2018 10:12am