Malik, Stocker become Google Cloud Ready facilitators for App State

Gopika Malik and Matt Stocker, Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics students at Appalachian State University, have become Google Cloud Ready facilitators.

“I'm really excited to take this knowledge amongst other students,” said Malik. 

In this video she shares advice on how to get started for those considering a similar path.

Gopika Malik (Photo submitted)

Malik, a data analyst with 12+ years of statistics experience, is co-captain of Appalachian’s Analytics Team. 

Malik's fellow teammate, Matt Stocker, has also completed the program. Stocker said the value of training with Google cloud infrastructure, cloud-native app development, and big data / machine learning platforms is unparalleled.

Matt Stocker (Photo submitted)

“Here at Google Cloud, we're extremely appreciative of [ these students’ ] efforts and really proud of [ their ] work,” said Nathalie Galindo, Program Manager for Google Cloud Learning Services.

Galindo said, as officially trained facilitators, Malik and Stocker can now ”enable others around the US to get ready for a cloud-first world.”


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Gopika Malik and Matt Stocker
Published: May 11, 2021 8:38am