Marketing professor named editor of Journal of Business Research

Dr. Binay Kumar, an Assistant Professor Appalachian State University's Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management, has been appointed to the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Business Research.

The Journal of Business Research applies theory developed from business research to actual business situations. Recognizing the intricate relationships between the many areas of business activity, JBR examines a wide variety of business decisions, processes and activities within the actual business setting. Theoretical and empirical advances in buyer behavior, finance, organizational theory and behavior, marketing, risk and insurance and international business are evaluated on a regular basis. Published for executives, researchers and scholars alike, the Journal aids the application of empirical research to practical situations and theoretical findings to the reality of the business world. 

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About Binay Kumar

Prior to getting PhD in Marketing from Georgia State University (GSU), Dr. Kumar received a Bachelor of Technology with honors from the Indian Institute of Technology, and an MBA in Marketing from the Indian Institute of Management. His research interests include B2B marketing, new-age technology and digital marketing. Dr. Kumar can be reached by email,  Learn more about Dr. Kumar online,

About the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management

At Appalachian State University, students in the Walker College of Business’ Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management learn to drive industry initiatives that develop customer satisfaction and retention, contribute to company profits and build connections with suppliers, distributors and the community. Students majoring in marketing may select a concentration in general marketing, digital marketing or sales. Students majoring in supply chain management (SCM) learn about logistics, operations, strategic sourcing, process improvement strategies and supply chain technologies, enabling them to compete in the global marketplace and help future employers reduce costs, improve profits and expand their markets. Learn more at

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The Walker College faculty produce and disseminate extensive research through both academic and professional communities. In the last five years, faculty have published 543 peer reviewed academic journal articles, 160 conference proceedings, and made 533 conference and professional presentations. In total, faculty have produced 1,175 intellectual contributions in the last five years. Approximately 520 intellectual contributions were made in basic or discovery research, 540 in applied or integrative research, and 115 contributions in teaching and learning research. Learn more at

Marketing professor named editor of Journal of Business Research
Published: Dec 2, 2022 12:16pm