Marketing professor weighs in on why green efforts are good for not only the planet, but also business

A recent post by details Seventh Generation's aim to inspire action against climate change ahead of a Sept. 20 climate strike through the donation of their commercial airtime.

Appalachian State University marketing professor Ilgim Dara Benoit was quoted in the article, describing how the move is savvy from a marketing standpoint.

When fulfilling corporate "social responsibilities" most brands do it in indirect ways, integrating consumers by asking them to donate or make a purchase. "They aren't expecting consumers to do anything, they are just going ahead and donating," said Benoit.

From a marketing perspective, Benoit said that even though Seventh Generation isn't throwing its logo at the end of the ad or giving themselves credit for the commercial, the donation is still a savvy marketing move.

"It signals that they are being honest and that they are genuine," said Benoit. "They really mean it when they say they care about environmental sustainability and society at large."

John Replogle, the president and CEO of Seventh Generation, the eco-friendly home and personal-care brand whose name serves as an inspiration to leave something for future generations, spoke during Appalachian's Business for Good conference last year.

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Seventh Generation is closing its office to encourage employees to join the global climate strike.
Published: Sep 6, 2019 3:36pm