Research from 9 Walker College faculty members will be featured March 30-31 during the Appalachian Research in Business Symposium

Research from nine Walker College of Business faculty members will be featured as part of the Appalachian Research in Business Symposium, to be held at Radford University in Virginia, March 30-31.

The faculty members, coauthors and research titles follow.

  • Rachel Shinnar, Gordy Pleyers and Frank Jansse. Female Entrepreneurs and their Ventures: The Role of Gender and Feminine Adornments
  • Lakshmi IyerA Pathway to Improve Diversity of Students in Technology Programs: A Stem Intervention Initiative
  • Jeffrey P. Kaleta, Lakshmi Iyer and Danielle Carter. Applying Machine Learning to Identify Socially Responsible Messaging on Twitter
  • Wenye Tang and Chenyong Liu. People’s Voice Matters: Local Public Sustainability Awareness and Financial Reporting Quality
  • Deepti Agrawal, Joshua Davis and Kulraj Sing. Developing Attitude Towards Information Security- A Social Influence Approach 
  • Wei Xie and Charlie ChenAn Empathic Look at User-Generated Healthcare Content and Covid Vaccination Intention
  • Pia A. Albinsson and William M. NorthingtonCarbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions Labelling: A Consumer Perspective

The symposium provides an annual forum for presenting new research, discovering contemporary ideas, and building connections among scholars at six universities in Appalachia.

Participating universities are: Appalachian State University, Eastern Kentucky University, East Tennessee State University, Marshall University, Radford University and Western Carolina University. The symposium is held on the campus of each university, in turn, and hosted by the university's business school. The Walker College last hosted ARBS in 2017.

About Faculty Research in the Walker College of Business

The Walker College faculty produce and disseminate extensive research through both academic and professional communities. In the last five years, faculty have published 543 peer reviewed academic journal articles, 160 conference proceedings, and made 533 conference and professional presentations. In total, faculty have produced 1,175 intellectual contributions in the last five years. Approximately 520 intellectual contributions were made in basic or discovery research, 540 in applied or integrative research, and 115 contributions in teaching and learning research. Learn more at

Appalachian Research in Business Symopsium
Published: Mar 1, 2023 3:47pm