Student Profile: Javon Nathaniel wears many different name tags, defines 'all-around' student

Over his academic career, Appalachian State University marketing and international business double major Javon Nathaniel has become the definition of an "all-around" student.

Across campus you may see Javon wearing many different hats, or more specifically, many different nametags.

In his role as an Appalachian Student Ambassador, Javon represents the university to prospective students and keeps service at the forefront of all of his encounters.

He uses his positions as an Honors College student and as a Wilson Scholar to exemplify what it means to be both a scholar and servant-leader.

Javon also makes time to work as an administrative assistant in the Office of the Chancellor and a communications assistant in the Walker College of Business Dean's Office.

His academic pursuits have granted Javon many international opportunities, including traveling to Costa Rica, France and to China as an Appalachian Holland Fellow. Next fall, Javon hopes to spend a semester immersed in Japanese culture at Kansai Gaidai University.

Further in the future, Javon aims to express his innovative ideas in the realm of entrepreneurship.

"I like to consider myself a visionary with hopes of leaving a mark on the world," said Javon.

For now, look forward to hearing more from Javon Nathaniel throughout the academic year as he develops his responsibilities wearing his communications assistant nametag for the Walker College.

Javon Nathaniel
Published: Aug 31, 2018 10:58am