Walker College of Business students are invited to participate in student research on financial characteristics and behaviors of Appalachian State University students.

Under the direction of finance professor and faculty research advisor Brandy Hadley, senior finance and banking major and honors student Tristan Pike requests the participation of business majors at Appalachian State University in his research on financial characteristics and behaviors of Appalachian students.

Are you curious about what you know about finance and how you behave with your personal finance? Participate in this survey about the financial characteristics, and personal finance behaviors of Appalachian students.

How to participate

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About student research in the Walker College of Business

Given the speed by which the world changes, students must develop the ability to constantly adapt. While the traditional classroom setting plays an important role, it must be complemented with a diversity of other approaches that more fully develop students' adaptive capabilities and enhance readiness for an ever-changing world. To reach this goal, the Walker College supports project-based applied research and learning opportunities through partnerships with external entities, encourages research collaboration across departments, campus and other institutions, and promotes student involvement in faculty-led research. Learn more at business.appstate.edu/students/research.

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Published: Jan 13, 2020 9:31am