Walker College welcomes five new faculty members, two new staff members to begin 2022

The Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University announces the appointments of five new faculty members and two new staff members as the Spring 2022 semester begins.

Computer Information Systems

The Department of Computer Information Systems welcomes one new faculty member. Dr. Bao Duong is  an assistant professor and most recently taught at Louisiana Tech University. He holds an MBA from Missouri State University and a DBA in computer information systems from Louisiana Tech. Dr. Duong  can be reached by email, duongbq@appstate.edu


Finance, Banking & Insurance

The Department of Finance, Banking & Insurance welcomes Adjunct Lecturer Ray Tedder. He is an App State alumnus and has most recently served as agency executive / vice president at McGriff. Mr. Tedder can be reached by email, teddermr@appstate.edu



The Department of Management welcomes one lecturer and a department administrator. 

Ms. Teresa Spangler, founder and CEO of PlazaBridge Group, will serve as an adjunct lecturer. She can be reached by email, spanglertw@appstate.edu.


In August 2021, the department welcomed Lauren Stansberry as department administrator. Ms. Stansberry can be reached by phone (828) 262-2163 or email, stansberrylm@appstate.edu.


Marketing and Supply Chain Management

The Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management welcomes two new faculty members: Fayez Ahmad and Charles Bateman.

Dr. Fayez Ahmad is an assistant professor. He most recently served as a research assistant at the University of North Texas, where he earned his doctorate. Dr. Ahmad can be reached by email, ahmadf@appstate.edu.


Mr. Charles Bateman will serve as an adjunct lecturer for the department. Mr. Bateman has experience leading sales, marketing, product, executive and data teams in projects across many industries. He can be reached by email, batemanch@appstate.edu.


Business Academic Advising

Matt Crump was named director of advising for Walker College of Business, effective November 29, 2021. He most recently served as assistant director of advising and academic support for the Beaver College of Health Sciences. Learn more. Mr. Crump can be reached by email, crumpmk@appstate.edu. 


Walker College welcomes five new faculty members, two new staff members to begin 2022
Published: Jan 7, 2022 4:00pm