Global Opportunities Conference

Spring 2022 Global Opportunities Conference

Each year, the Global Opportunities Conference highlights innovative and entrepreneurial ways of addressing global challenges with the goal of inspiring students, faculty and the local community to use their knowledge and skills in the business of building a better world. 

The spring 2022 Global Opportunities Conference took place on Friday, March 25 from 9:30 am-2 pm. This year's conference was a Business for Good event.

The morning session provided a snapshot of global climate change impacts and actions through examples from the ocean environment, provided by Sam Teicher of Coral Vita, a social enterprise dedicated to coral reef restoration, and the high mountain region, with Anton Seimon, National Geographic Explorer who shared research on the changing ecosystems of the high Andes. Speakers explored current impacts, climate resiliency efforts and innovative approaches to reducing environmental harm around the globe.

The luncheon featured alumna Christine Mendonça '04 and her talk "Moving from Ideals to Impact." She shared her journey to working in impact investing after her years at Appalachian State University.

View photos from the event in the photo gallery. View a recording of the event on Youtube.

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