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The March 25, 2022 Global Opportunities Conferences is being presented in partnership with Business for Good.

Recent Events

2020 Virtual Conference

Appalachian's Walker College of Business hosted a panel discussion about Beyond Zero, an inspirational roadmap for how business can reverse climate change. Attendees received exclusive, pre-release access to the award winning documentary Beyond Zero. 


2018 Conference

2017 Conference

2016 Conference

Friday, August 19, 2016
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Triple E Awards

The Triple E Award (previously Green E Award) recognizes individuals for outstanding accomplishments in the area of sustainable business at Appalachian State University. The "E" stands for Economy, Environment and Equity. 

Previous Recipients:

Rajat Panwar, 2020
Joseph Cazier, 2019
Todd Cherry, 2019
Heather Dixon-Fowler, 2018
John Whitehead, 2018
Leigh & Pam Dunston, 2017
Tammy Kowalczyk, 2017
Heather Norris, 2016