Dean's Club research presented in Peacock Hall

Fourteen research projects were presented at the 2023 Walker College of Business Dean's Club Research Poster Session on Thursday, October 26.

Research on the following topics was displayed.

Kevin Eller, Karen Green and Keith Walker - University of Toledo


How do Tax Audit Protection Plans affect Tax Aggressiveness?

Tammy Kowalczyk


Does requiring more climate-related disclosure improve corporate carbon performance?

Bao Duong, Jung Hwan Kim, Jason Xiong


A Career-Oriented Information Disclosure on Professional Social Networking Sites: Privacy-Calculus and Regulatory Focus Perspectives

Brock Stoddard, Abhijit Ramalingam and Kenju Kamie, Univ. of Keio - Japan and  Anna Caroll


Imposed Collateral Enforcement   Collateral Enforcement

Tanga Mohr, Kristan Cockerill (IDS)


Image Influence on Stormwater Management

David Dickinson, Brock Stoddard, Abhijit Ramalingam


Naiivete vs Sophistication in Markets

Matthew Mair, Brock Stoddard, Abhijit Ramalingam


The Effects of Expectations and Voluntary Redistribution on Cooperation

John Whitehead and Tanga Mohr


An Experimental Investigation of Real vs Hypothetical Experimental Auctions

Tiberiu Ungureanu, Kannan Srikanth (The Ohio State University)


Optimal exploration in dynamic environments

Jack Carson, Mackenzie Law, Kaitlyn Miller, Mariana Solanilla, Ellise VanGilder. 


"Internal Organizational Sustainability Messages: Who Cares About What?"

Pia Albinsson, Charlene Dadzie, University of South Alabama, Adrienne Muldrow - East Carolina University, Spencer M. Ross, University of Massachusetts - Lowell, Pia A. Albinsson, App State, Shelle Santana, Bentley University


Cryptocurrencies: Future Money, Investment, or Heartache?

Fayez Ahmad


CEO vs. People in Socio-Political Activism: How do their forms of activism differ, and why?

Binay Kumar


Sales Performance during Disruption:The Moderating Effect of Micromanagement"

Kesha Coker and Jessica Zeiss, Ball State University, and Pia A. Albinsson App State.


The consumer on stage: Toward a typology of improvisation in consumption contexts

Additionally, several Barnes Student Research recipients displayed their work. The Barnes Program Student Research Grants provide business students funding to engage in research with a faculty mentor outside of the normal classroom experience.


About the Walker College Dean's Club

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Dean's Club research to be presented in Peacock Hall on October 26
Published: Oct 11, 2023 2:33pm